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Kimpatorin Aid's mission is to provide support to pre and postpartum women, including those suffering from postpartum depression, by ensuring that the physical and emotional needs of the women and their families are met.

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About Kimpatorin Aid

Kimpatorin Aid was founded in 1981 by Rebbetzin Sarah Unger, to support Kimpatorins, women who have just given birth. The organization provides housekeeping help, baby nurses, respite, and more. It is a lifeline to new mothers and families that allows them to welcome their new babies with joy.

The birth of Kimpatorin Aid

Kimpatorin Aid was born when Rebbetzin Unger, ever attentive to the needs of others, heard that a woman had just given birth. She cooked a pot of soup, packaged it, and knocked on the family’s door. The new mother opened the door just a crack. But though she was able to block the Rebbetzin’s view of the mayhem inside, she couldn’t hide her tears – or her exhaustion. She was falling apart!

It was shocking.

Instead of celebrating the birth of a healthy baby, this woman was crying! Rebbetzin Unger arranged for the woman to get help – and soon learned that many new mothers needed support. She set out to provide it.

Thanks to your support

Kimpatorin Aid helps hundreds of new mothers each year.

We send housekeepers and nurses that help mothers recover.

We pay for therapy that saves families from falling apart!

We serve thousands of warm, nourishing meals that keep families happy.

We need your help to continue.

We can do it - together.

Let’s help families truly experience their simcha.

Kimpatorin Aid fills in the gaps with necessities for mother and family. Without proper support, families can disintegrate. But with help and assistance for kimpatorim, both physically, financially and emotionally, we have the power to help their families thrive and truly rejoice instead of experiencing chaos and pain.

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Kimpatorin aid is a recognized and certified 501(c)(3)

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