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Post Partum Depression (PPD)

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Many new mothers suffer from the “baby blues.” They may feel sad or weepy for a short time, but soon bounce back. For women with Post Partum Depression, the sadness lingers.


Post Partum Depression is a serious condition that puts mother, baby, and the entire family at risk. Its victims are so depressed; they often can’t care for their babies. They may become angry and anxious, and are at great risk of harming themselves, their marriages, and their families.


A family dealing with Post Partum Depression is a family in crisis.


Kimpatorin Aid helps new mothers avoid developing Post Partum Depression, by giving them the emotional and physical support they need after childbirth. We help detect PPD, by being in women’s homes during the critical early days after childbirth. And we play in crucial role in treating PPD by paying for therapy and supporting the entire family until the mother recovers.


Kimpatorin Aid helps victims of Post Partum Depression by:


  • Arranging and paying for treatment
  • Feeding families long-term
  • Providing housekeeping help

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