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No more infant seat

Three month old Zehava Goldstein is finally sleeping in a crib. Until now, she spent the day in an old plastic infant seat; a hand me down from her grandmother’s house. The liner was long gone, so Zehava’s mother padded the seat with a kitchen towel. When she learned that Kimpatorin Aid offers cribs to families, she called to request a porta crib that would not crowd her tiny home. We asked if there was anything else we could do for her – could she perhaps use a toddler bed? She was ecstatic.

 “A toddler bed? You mean it? That would change my family’s life!” she said. “My three year old shares a bed with his teenage brother, and neither of them sleeps very well.” The crib and toddler bed cost nearly $400 – a bargain, considering that it’s an investment in the health and wellbeing of a mother, a baby, a toddler, and a teen.


The Cohen twins are the cutest babies you ever saw – but when they were born, their mother couldn’t quite figure out how to care for them. How do you feed two babies at once – especially when their nineteen month old sister is demanding attention, too? And remember that thing called sleep? Did it still exist?

It took just one harrowing day for the new mother to call Kimpatorin Aid in desperation. We sent her a nurse to care for her three babies, allowing the new mother to escape for a few hours of blissful, much needed sleep.

Born too soon

Nobody was ready for Baby O.’s birth. Eight weeks before he was scheduled to be born, he made a completely unannounced appearance, thrusting the entire family into panic. The baby weighed in at barely 3 pounds, and spent many weeks in the NICU. His mother sat at his side nearly the entire time. She witnessed many frightful emergencies as he battled RSV and countless other challenges. Just one thing got her through it. Kimpatorin Aid.

“Kimpatorin Aid sent a housekeeper and meals for two months,” she says. “I always knew that when I got home from the hospital, the house would be clean and there would be a meal waiting for me. They literally saved the situation.”

Too sad to care

Most of the time, we get calls from new mothers or their close relatives. But one call came from a strange source – a child’s teacher. The teacher had noticed that her student wasn’t looking right. She was wearing the same dirty dress for three days, and her hair hadn’t been brushed in a while. When she asked the child if everything was alright, she said her mommy was ‘too sad to take care of me.’

The astute teacher remembered that the mother had recently given birth. She called Kimpatorin Aid to find out if we could possibly get involved. It turned out that the mother was suffering from Post Partum Depression. We referred the family to the appropriate professionals, and sent a housekeeper to do laundry, bathe the children, and keep the home functioning until the mother recovered.

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